"Laura is one of the best designers I've worked with."
Her work is thorough, thoughtful, and got us through some tough design challenges. I trusted her with those high stakes moments when we really had to get it right, and she always delivered on point and on schedule. Laura was great to work with and her help was definitely worth the investment.
"I would hire Laura again in a heartbeat."
She's one of the rare designers who can address all the tiny details without losing sight of big picture product goals. She took the time to really understand our data sets and how users would work with them, and the resulting designs were both beautiful and functional. We collaborated across many time zones and I always knew I could trust her carry the project forward. It was a pleasure working with Laura!
"Laura is the UX designer you want on your team."
She's a gem and a pleasure to work with. She makes sense of your thoughts and communicates them back in clarity: through her research, analysis, workflows and visuals. Laura is more than a designer; she has a consultants mindset, going after the why, delivering on the what, clarifying the how.
"Laura is super talented!"
I've always been impressed with her design skills, and even more so with her ability to design from a user perspective while making both the business and engineering teams happy.
"Laura is skilled at taking complex functionality and reducing it to simple solutions. "
She's been an absolute pleasure to work with. 
"Laura's help has been critical to our product design and how we think about user experience."
Laura is highly engaged and thoughtful, asking questions to help clarify and explore underlying assumptions. This was an incredibly valuable part of the design process that is too often skipped or rushed.
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